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Pan-preparation of a dry-aged steak

Many steak fans say dry-aged steaks taste best when grilled. The smoky aroma underlines the flavor components perfectly. If you don't have time to wait for the grill to heat up, you can also put the dry-aged steaks in the pan . Because with a little skill it ends up tasting at least as tasty as grilled.

The beef likes it hot

Beef prefers high heat when preparing. This doesn’t just apply to dry-aged steaks. The spicy searing develops smoky roasted aromas and the outside of the meat becomes nice and crispy. In order for the pan steak to be successful, it needs a lot of heat. Therefore, both the pan and the clarified butter should be heat-resistant.

The right pan

The way you lie down is the way you lie down - or in this case it should be: The right pan determines the taste of a good dry-aged steak. Under no circumstances should you use aluminum pans. On the one hand, aluminum is suspected of being hazardous to health. On the other hand, it is not sufficiently heat-resistant. Stainless steel models or cast iron pans are much better here . If the latter are professionally seasoned, the dry-aged steaks won't stick to them. The steak pan from DRY AGER combines all the positive material properties in one pan and delivers the best frying results. A ribbed base burns the typical pattern into the meat, and the DRY AGER pan also scores points here: a bull's head in the middle gives the steak a unique branding.

Butter or oil?

Whether butter or oil is the better alternative becomes a debate when it comes to pan-fried steak. The answer is surprising: it is best with (butter) lard . The lard combines the flavors of the butter and the heat-friendliness of the oil.

A bit of peace

Before you start frying the dry-aged steaks, they should be allowed to rest a bit. Because going straight from the cold to the heat is a shocking moment, even for steaks. This causes liquid and proteins to escape, making the finished steak gray and dry. The dry-aged steaks should rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before they end up in the pan. Even when the finished steak comes out of the pan, it still needs some rest. It's best to wait 5-10 minutes before serving.

Everything in one pan

Frying the beef steak hot in the pan and then cooking it in the oven is a safe technique for a juicy result. The dry-aged steaks can also be cooked completely in the pan. To do this, you should simply turn them every minute so that they fry evenly. A total of 2 minutes is enough for an “English steak” and around 4 minutes for a medium well.

The ultimate pan tricks

To fry the perfect dry-aged steaks , you should consider the following tricks:

  • First heat the pan and then let the oil in it get hot, only then comes the steak

  • Pat the steaks dry before frying

  • Always use a spatula and never a meat fork to turn

  • Pay attention to the right timing when adding salt. It is best to season after frying .

  • Our tip: a core temperature of 55 to 58 °C for a perfect “medium” roast beef. 


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