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Dry-Aging: The Best Types of Meat for Aged Meat

Dry aging is trending. It is celebrated and offered in trendy restaurants or even beef clubs. The fact that the topic of meat maturation has become interesting again also shows that many hobby chefs have finished using industrial meat and are more willing to spend a little more money. Ultimately, it pays off in the taste, because aged meat has much more flavor , a better consistency and is in no way watery when it is put in the pan or on the grill. With the Dry-Ager it is now also possible to create the basis for the best carnal pleasure at home. But which types of meat are suitable for maturation and which are not?

Beef – The classic of dry aging

Beef is essentially the classic for maturation because the meat becomes wonderfully tender and gains in aroma. Beef aged for up to 28 days is optimal for taste. Of course, there are butchers who take the whole thing to the extreme and store it for much longer - I have already seen meat that has matured for a year, but I can't judge whether it is any good. The fact is, and everyone agrees, that beef develops an optimal taste up to 28 days of maturation - anything beyond that intensifies the taste. It should also be noted that the longer the process takes, the more weight the meat loses. Thanks to our special technology, this is a maximum of 10% with the DRY AGER. With other methods this can be up to 30% depending on the breed and processing of the animal.

Pork – Can also be good aged

The aging of pork is exotic, but not impossible . Some parts in particular are ideal for this. Meat from Mangalitza pig is particularly suitable because it is particularly aromatic and has a higher fat content. The natural meat taste of the Magalitza pig gains even more fullness as it matures on the bone. But the dry aged steaks from Alten Ferkel, a German country pig, are also highly recommended. Maturation can take up to 22 days and bring additional aromas.

Dry-aged poultry? Experts say yes!

Don't believe it, but it makes perfect sense to let certain breeds of poultry hang out a bit . Meat experts have successfully tested this with black feather chickens. Dry aging intensifies the poultry flavor and the slightly firmer meat of the free-range animals acquires a tender texture and remains wonderfully juicy. The color of the animal changes slightly, it becomes darker and the meat becomes significantly drier after 14 days - but after preparation it becomes butter-tender and much more aromatic.



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