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Dry-aged beef fillet with truffle butter and pickled cucumbers

Dry-aged beef fillet is the greatest pleasure for meat gourmets when enjoyed on its own. Because meat of this quality is not available every day and if you go to the trouble of letting the meat mature longer than usual, then you should pay special attention to it when enjoying it. Dry-aged beef with a little truffle butter is a complete experience. Good meat, refined and with the best ingredients - a little fleur de sel and pepper from the mill - what more could you want!

It's best for amateur cooks to make the truffle butter themselves, as even the kind found in delicatessen stores can't keep up with the fresh product. The ingredients for this are not really difficult to get, but it is better to buy the truffle seasonally - i.e. either summer or winter truffles. If you have a well-padded wallet, you can also grab the white Alba truffle.


  1. For the truffle butter

  2. Finely slice the truffle.

  3. Then chop the truffle wedges finely with a knife.

  4. Place the butter on a plate and break it up with a fork.

  5. Add the truffles to the butter and mix well.

  6. Now add some Fleur de Sel to the truffle butter.

  7. Mix well again and refrigerate.

  8. The butter should sit in a cool place for 24 hours.

  9. Heat up the grill.

  10. Grill the beef fillets medium / medium rare.

  11. Let the fillets rest for 3 minutes, preferably in aluminum foil

  12. Cut the fillets finely and add truffle butter.

  13. Add some fresh pepper.

  14. Garnish with the pickled cucumbers and serve.

Tip: A good glass of champagne goes well with this - and it might be hard to believe - a strong craft beer also goes perfectly.


ingredients for 4 persons

  • 4 pieces of dry-aged beef fillet, each 200 grams

  • pepper

  • Fleur de Sel

  • 30 grams of truffles as per offer

  • 150 grams of fresh butter

  • 100 grams of small pickled cucumbers


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