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Hinschauen erlaubt! Das Fleisch Vergnügen

Meat pleasure? The eye eats with you - this old motto doesn't just apply to the presentation of food. When selecting food, we specifically look for visually appealing products. Even with high-quality dry aged beef, you can recognize good quality at first glance. More and more butcher shops, restaurants and supermarkets are relying on glass ripening cabinets and display furniture - such as the DRY AGER® from Landig.

With all your senses

When we eat, all of our senses are active. We feel the consistency with our fingers and taste sour, sweet or salty things on our tongues. We smell it before we taste it and we look closely. This behavior dates back to prehistoric times when food technology did not yet exist. Before anything was consumed, the tolerance test was carried out. Because food poisoning could be fatal. This changed with the advent of the food industry. There was initially great confidence in the new durability techniques. Until a few years ago, the trend in Germany was increasingly towards finished products. After rotten meat scandals, repackaging fraud, and the use of highly concentrated preservatives, this has changed. Freshness plays an important role, especially when it comes to meat. Many consumers are now turning to natural foods again and prefer to trust their own sense organs instead of information about the contents.

Dry aged beef has an event character

Meat turns you on – especially when it is allowed to mature in DRY AGER.

Those who go out to eat today often want to experience more than just leaving the restaurant with a full stomach. Many restaurant visitors want to recognize culinary art and love for the product. There are no limits to creativity. Everything is possible, from the classic lobster tank in a gourmet restaurant to a hanging vegetable garden on the ceiling of a hip vegan bistro. Top restaurants and steakhouses also take advantage of the visual appeal of meat. Especially with dry aged beef, the following applies: good taste is visible. The dark color of the dried crust or the intense pink inside reveal how the meat tastes later on the plate. Restaurants from Berlin to New York that specialize in steaks mature their selected cuts of meat directly on site, in their own glazed cabinets. This means restaurant visitors can follow their steak experience from start to finish. A visit to the steakhouse becomes a culinary event and the question of the freshness of the meat is solved by itself.

Transparency creates trust

In the DRY AGER®, beef, lamb, game or pork as well as sausage products can mature under perfect conditions. With the glazed front of the stainless steel cabinet, the products are always in view. Thanks to its modern design, the DRY AGER® can also be used as an attractive display and presentation cabinet. In the sales room of the butcher shop or in the open kitchen in the restaurant, this makes people's eyes wide open and a topic of conversation. Customers can follow the maturation process themselves and look forward to the next dry age steak. This not only whets your appetite, but also creates trust.


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